Welcome to  SA-GIA      


The Adhesion Society and Ibero-American Adhesion Group ( SA-GIA ) came about from the need for a Scientific Society in Spain that is homologous with other societies in developed countries.

Collaborating with colleagues from other countries and working with them side-by-side serves to elevate the level of knowledge in this field and, in the long-term, resulting in positive repercussions on the advance of the society’s technologies and the excellence of industrial companies in our countries. 

Training for new generations is also a concern. Whenever anyone commences a course or participates in a conference, they must receive quality and well-contrasted information that is free from bias or concept errors. 

The following principles have been the drivers of this society:

    • Accreditation of the Adhesion Society along with other similar institutions in Europe and the rest of the world.
    • Active participation in the most relevant forums in the world of adhesion and adhesives.
    • Maintaining a permanent link with the important Ibero-American community working in this field.
    • Active collaboration with the industry.
    • Fostering meeting forums of all types, which enable the exchange of ideas an experiences among experts.
    • Participation in the training of future specialists.  







    The Adhesion Society and Ibero-American Adhesion Group ( SA-GIA ) was incorporated as a society on 19 April 2010 with the Ministry for Internal Affairs associations register. 

    The SA-GIA presentation took place in the Fifth World Adhesion Congress (WCARP IV, Arcachon 2010) before the main scientific adhesion societies from the technologically most advanced countries.

    The SA-GIA is a full member of the european adhesion societies group (EURADH GROUP) and two of its members belong to the Steering Committee, with the other members being representatives of the Germany, France and United Kingdom societies. The SA-GIA is thus represented in the highest European body that brings adhesion societies together.

    This excellent entrance into the international scientific community is the SA-GIA calling card, given that Spanish Adhesion is finally integrated in Europe and open to the rest of the world.